“Our existence is a gigantic puzzle.

We, all of us on planet Earth,  hold pieces to this puzzle.

This book, as well as anything else I release, be it more volumes, screenplays, audio and video recordings, are the pieces that I am able to contribute (at the moment).

The question is, what are your pieces, what are you able to contribute to this gigantic puzzle we call existence?”

-michael stevens

The world within spans forever. It is a canvas for us to light up and explore. Who knows what one can find while exploring the unknown?

-@WeAreExistence // #Spiritosophy

Michael Stevens


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Everything is relative. To us, an ant, is but an ant. However, to the planet, we are the ants; to the MW galaxy, Earth is the ant.

-@WeAreExistence // #Spiritosophy

The Writer & His Philosophy

Looking back at my life, one thing is certain, I’ve always thought differently than most people. I can’t help it, it’s who I am. Of course, I didn’t know how to deal with it back then. I was just a kid, trying to be normal, all the while being pulled in an array of crazy directions. It was enough to drive the most sanest of kids, crazy. And yet somehow, I made it through to the other side; well, at least I thought I did.

And while I thought I was being a “normal teenage kid,” I was actually putting my true self to the side. You see, instead of being me, I became a chameleon. Instead of forging my own path, I was “smart” and played the game. I learned to cater to what other people wanted. Thus, in no time, I was popular. For the most part, people loved me. On top of that, I was often named captain of my basketball team. And yet, somehow, I was completely miserable (as if something was missing). For the most part, the only thing that kept me going, was my love for writing; so much so, that I passed English 9 and 10 by writing two, twenty-five page short stories – complete with map and drawings. Thankfully, my love for writing has never ceased. It has been with me through thick and thin; from short stories, to screenwriting, all the way to today, the release of my first book.

However, “imagine” would have never been written, let alone released, if I hadn’t dropped the facade of the chameleon and allowed my true self to come out. This, of course, includes coming to terms with how I think, as well as allowing it to become my own, personal philosophy; one that has helped me view the world, as well as numerous other parts of existence, from countless perspectives. Of course, it has also segregated me from a lot of people. Unfortunately, that comes with the price of becoming your true self, which, in the end, becomes priceless.

To me, however, the best part of embracing my true self, is that I finally get to breath. And while it was self-inflicted (like most cases), I am no longer under the thumb of anyone else. I can be my own lizard. I can be me. The real me. The one that sees the world differently than most people. What’s more, is that I finally get to share the real “me” with the rest of the world, not only through this book, but with any other content I release, be it another volume, a screenplay, an audio or video recording, or through video chat or live in person. And while the rest of the world may not be ready for what I have to say, I hope that you are. And with that in mind, it’s time for you to make a choice. Do you scroll up, download the book for free, and entertain my philosophy on existence, or do you move onto the next webpage, and allow this moment to become a (potentially distant) memory? As always, the choice is yours. All I can do, is wish you luck.

A Touch of Inspiration

Below are three videos that have kept my fires burning throughout the process of writing this book; videos that I would often reference back to when I needed a pick-me-up. And while they aren’t the only pieces of inspiration that I’d like to share, these three have played a fundamental role in the molding of this book. I hope you enjoy.