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Let’s keep this simple. The book isn’t finished. And I’m totally okay with that. Because when you have content that could shape the world in a certain way, a way that can help all people push forward and live their best life possible, the only real choice is to release it, complete or incomplete.

What’s in the download?

Well, it’s a free, albeit unfinished, version of the first volume in my Theory of Existence series. Within the pages, you’ll find VOLUME O: imagine, which acts as an introduction to the entire series. Beyond that, you’ll have the opportunity to read the first three chapters and an introduction of VOLUME I: we, exist. These chapters cover some of the cycles and stages we go through, our beliefs and why we must shed ourselves of them, and the purpose of emotions, all of which combine to give a deeper understanding of our own personal existences.

Of course, the book isn’t complete and is missing a chapter on choices as well as an About the Writer section where I give a behind the scenes look at the creation of VOLUME I: we, exist.

As for format, for the sake of my time, the incomplete version will be in Pdf only. Of course, upon completion of the book, I’ll do my best to format it in all versions possible, including ePub and mobi.

Who is the book for?

Well, anyone really, but to narrow it down, let’s go to the dedication and see what it says…


This book is dedicated to anyone that has ever doubted their reality, to those that want to make a difference on this planet, but don’t know how; and to those that are always looking for more, no matter how crazy life gets. It is because of you, all of you, that I write, and it is because of you, all of you, that I have a purpose. Thank you 🙂

Furthermore, while it doesn’t say it specifically, this book was also written for anyone that is currently suffering from depression and anxiety, as well as those looking to truly push through the pain. If anything, this book will introduce the reader to a new way of understanding who they are, not just on a physical plane, but on a metaphysical plane as well, which is important.

Lastly, this book is for anyone waking up to their true self. To those unsure of what direction to take. And to those who’d like to connect with a like-minded individual. If those descriptions resonate, please download the book [and read it.] Because while the information may seem general, if allowed, it can also unlock areas of your mind that hold you back, all the while giving you a deeper connection to your emotions. Both of which play an important role in creating a better world to live in. And if you think about it, isn’t it time we embraced who we are and accepted the idea that we, exist? If so, maybe it’s time you read this book 🙂

Why for free and why unfinished?

The title of this section pretty much sums it up. The reason I’m releasing this book for free is because it’s well overdue. My goal was to complete it by mid-August, then mid-September, and here we are, early November 2016 and it’s still not finished. Is there a danger releasing an incomplete book into the wild, absolutely, but that’s only because people have been conditioned to believe that book releases must look a certain way. For the most part, the content held within this volume is more important than its completion, and because of that, it deserves to be released.

And because it’s incomplete I don’t think it’s fair to attach a price tag. However, in saying that, it doesn’t mean it’s valueless. The content held within this volume may very well change your life… for the better 🙂 So what’s the ROI of that… of living a better life… The one you are meant to live? Tough to put a dollar figure on that, right? I agree. That’s why it’s free. Because everyone deserves an opportunity to live the best life possible… and a price tag should never get in the way.

Now, does that mean it will be free forever? No. Until we live in a society where we look out for one another without being rewarded, I still need to make an income. So, upon completion of VOLUME I: we, exist, I will most likely attach a price tag. Of course, I am also toying with the idea of releasing the final copy for free, which will depend on where I am in life, and whether or not I believe people will support me if I ask. I guess we’ll see when the time comes.

And that’s about it. I just want to share my work with the world and I think it’s worth reading. So to all that download VOLUME I: we, exist and read it, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you. Enjoy 🙂

All the best,

-michael stevens

download the pdf today

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