1. I tweeted the following earlier today: https://twitter.com/weareexistence/status/693159169830944769
  2. And asked what word the above definition belonged to. Of course, I’m sure it got lost in the sea of other peoples tweets, so nobody replied.
  3. And that’s okay, because at some point I will ask a question that people will want to reply to. Until then, let’s get to the answer.
  4. To me, it aligns with a lot of things. Our obsession with celebrities. With nationalism. Governments. Spirituality. Movements. Etc.
  5. Thats because everything I mentioned above, and more, resonates with the definition. As a civilization, are we not obsessed with celebrities
  6. Are we not patriotic about the country we live in? Are we not obedient to the government in said countries? Or the idea of government itself
  7. And those that dive into spirituality, especially those that go “full retard,” do they not admire and care for the system it promotes?
  8. And the same goes for a laundry list of other people or things that we go overboard with. Because it’s “who we are.”
  9. And while we are familiar with the first three definitions of the word. 1 : formal religious veneration.
  10. 2. a system of religious beliefs and ritual and 3. a religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious. Rarely do we align the other to it.
  11. And it’s because we’ve deemed the word to be negative, and we’ve been conditioned to only seek the positive. But it’s just a word.
  12. Can you guess what that word is yet? For anyone that hasn’t used google to find their answer, and still don’t know, the word is CULT.
  13. Another nasty four letter word, like shit, fuck, nice, work, numb, dead, etc. And while most would or will deny that they are in a cult,
  14. Perhaps it’s time we embraced the fourth definition and accepted that we, as a collective, although we bag on others, are members of cults 🙂
  15. And you can look at that as something positive or negative, or you can see it for what it is, a choice.
  16. You don’t have to be obsessed with celebrities. It’s a choice.
  17. You don’t have to be patriotic, or insanely nationalist. It’s a choice.
  18. You don’t have to be spiritual, which includes religion. It’s a choice.
  19. No matter how you try and spin it, the moment we care about something beyond moderation, we shift towards cultism.
  20. And we do it naturally and often gracefully; because it’s how we’ve been conditioned to act, which is different than “how we are wired.”
  21. When something is popular, we want a piece. Take the artist known as PSY. Not only does his video for Gangnam Style have the most views,
  22. but his follow up track, Gentleman is currently 80 million views from a billion. How is that not a cult?
  23. In fact, almost all videos of youtube top 200 are music videos, with number 200 coming in with just over 330 million views.
  24. And this isn’t to bag on how infatuated with are with popular culture, it’s to give you an idea of what a cult can actually look like.
  25. Because a cult can be found on both an individual level and a collective one. And it can be here in a moment, and gone in a second.
  26. And that’s just the music industry… for the most part, all forms of entertainment promote cult instincts within us.
  27. Like when someone comes down hard on Kim Kardashian for being a talentless whore, her cult members rush to her side to defend her.
  28. And the thing is, she doesnt really have talent, besides being famous, and shes only famous because she let Brandys brother fuck her on tape
  29. And had the balls to release it. It’s one way to get the attention of a nation. Following in the footsteps of other greats like Paris Hilton,
  30. who also had a cult following in the late 90s, early 2000s, and is ranked 89 out of 100 for most Twitter followers.
  31. What’s really fucked though, is that those cults then spawn mini cults, like the ones that follow the other Kardashians/Jenners
  32. Including the cult of Caitlyn, who has a small following of only 3.6 million people. Hopefully you can smell the sarcasm on all this.
  33. And while this is all light and fluffy, it gets a little more frightening when we slip down the rabbit hole of cultism into government.
  34. This topic, of course, will probably land me in hot water. At some point you just have to say fuck it and put yourself out there.
  35. I’m never going to support the idea of a government being in control of our lives. Instead, I’d rather promote humans becoming responsible.
  36. I know, it sounds like a pipe dream, but look at the alternative. You don’t have to look too far to see the mockery that is government.
  37. Take Canada’s big brother to the south for instance. Lets take a real serious look at it. Because it’s pretty scary to the rest of the world
  38. Take all the offense that you want, I’ll take the heat, but how can ANYONE seriously be endorsing @realDonaldTrump?
  39. He makes the Westboro Baptist Church and David Koresh look like amateurs; and some of you want him running your country?
  40. How is that even fucking logical? If anything, it makes a mockery of the thing most people love and standby, the cult of government.
  41. But before we get to government, it’s important to understand that if you are proud to affiliate yourself with any country on the planet,
  42. and you consider that country to be your “home,” you are in a cult; especially the overly patriotic types.
  43. Which brings me to another topic, one that will probably piss people off too. If you support war, be it offense or defense, you’re in a cult
  44. Because war is unnecessary, and nationalism is unnecessary… why do we allow invisible borders to separate us? under the guise of security.
  45. BTW, security is just another way of living in fear; which is a cult on its own, one I won’t even touch on right now.
  46. Because right now, we’re talking about physical cults. And yes, there are mental cults too… which often intertwine with the physical.
  47. Personally speaking, governments are one of the worst cults on the planet. Not only are globally, considering most countries have one,
  48. but they’ve convinced their citizens that in order to function properly, not only are they necessary, but they need full control…
  49. Governments have sold people on the idea that it’s more important to be secure, than to be free. Because freedom is chaos.
  50. Did you know that the motto of the Freemasons is Ordo Ab Chao, which means Order out of Chaos. That is freedom.
  51. Instead, because a majority of people have bought into the cult of government, and thus desire security over freedom,
  52. The publics motto reads more like Chao Ab Ordo, or Chaos out of Order; which is exactly what government want; for us to believe we’re bad
  53. And need a parental figure ruling over us; much like how religions have Gods and other cults have leaders.
  54. Speaking of leaders, do governments not have leaders? Is Obama not the “Leader of the Free World?”
  55. Did you know that he’s fourth on the of the top 100 most followed on Twitter, making him a celebrity; more actor than musician, right?
  56. These people are all leaders of their own cults, and they run them to certain degrees. And the thing is, people give them this power.
  57. We form these cults, often times unwittingly, but we form them nonetheless. And it seems more people are lining up to be cult leaders.
  58. Except they’re being sold the idea of being famous, or being worshipped around the world, and having all the money they can ever dream of.
  59. Which brings me to the final cult I want to talk about today… the cult of the all mighty dollar (or euro, or yen, etc.).
  60. While we think it’s necessary, it’s just a product; one traded at the ratio of price. We give it value, and we follow the fuck out of it.
  61. Do yourself a favor and search for the keyword MONEY on Twitter; and just scroll through the tweets.
  62. For the most part you’ll find people obsessed with it. And it’s just an idea; sold to us like the emperors new clothes.
  63. Yet we worship it, and often times, put it over friendships, over family members, loved ones, etc. And we don’t see this as bad behavior.
  64. Just like members of religions, other spiritual denominations, and suicide cults don’t see their actions as bad behavior.
  65. But they are equal; we’ve simply been conditioned to think one is greater than the other… but they’re all equal and that’s my point.
  66. In 2016, when are we going to start opening our minds to seeing things for what they are? Are all cults bad… no; because cult is just a word
  67. Then what gives them the negative connotation? If you say anything except for human beings, you’re unfortunately misled.
  68. Its us. We do it; myself included. Because you cant help but be a part of a cult. Because our genders, orientations, skin colors all qualify
  69. Meaning if you are a white female who is bi-sexual, you fit into a specific demographic; or cult;
  70. Just like if you are a Mexican male who is straight. We all fit into a demographic of some sort, and unless we remain neutral about it,
  71. We enter a cult mentality. Thus, my hatred towards government and money places me in a minority of people, who collectively make it a cult.
  72. The question is, how do you feel about it? Because we’re all part of one collective cult, called the human race…
  73. Because I’m certain there is nothing on this planet you’d rather be right now than a human being. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be human.
  74. So not all cults are bad. The key, at least right now, is to understand that they exist everywhere, in everything we do… and to be aware.
  75. And start to observe your actions. See where they lead you. Find what “alternate” cults your in, and see if you like that.
  76. Observe the people that are in the same cults as you, do you align with them? Find out what other cults they’re in. Explore. Because its fun
  77. Or you can be offended, and fight the idea that the majority of your likes place you in cults; or come to terms with it.
  78. In the end, it’s your choice… and if you don’t want to see them as cults, that’s your choice as well; but it doesn’t make it untrue.
  79. It just means you aren’t ready to see that aspect of yourself, and that’s okay; it’ll come in time.
  80. Let me end with this. I worry about this planet. I worry that we’re not taking it seriously enough. I worry that we aren’t listening.
  81. That we aren’t paying attention to the signs, to the lessons that we are meant to learn. I worry that we don’t care anymore…
  82. That we don’t care about ourselves, each other, and everything else on this beautiful planet… including the planet itself.
  83. No offense, but we’re obsessed about the wrong things. We worship the wrong people and defend them even if they are in the wrong.
  84. We’d rather watch one video (collectively) 2.5 billion times, instead of putting in those minutes to better use. And there’s alway better use.
  85. Like one more minute with your children as children. One more minute having sex (or fucking). Or having a mind blowing discussion.
  86. Or doing something to change the world, for the better. And perhaps that’s the only cults I’d want to associate with.
  87. Especially the ones that are willing to admit they were wrong or at least understand that nothing is 100% real, because we cant explain real
  88. And we probably never will. Which is why I think we need to explore everything, because maybe we’ll figure out those missing percentages.
  89. And reclaim our imaginations. If I stood for anything, it would be that. Perhaps, it’ll help us mature as a species.
  90. Because all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Because all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Because all work and no play make Jack
  91. And we’ve been working for a long time, and I think it’s time we played… but not as kids; as adults. Where we understand work is important.
  92. But so is freedom and independence, so we figure out a proper trade off for our time. Because isn’t that the one thing we want more of?
  93. What would you do with an extra year of your life to do ANYTHING you wanted? What’s that worth to you? And remember, money have no value.
  94. Unless we give it value. So we could do anything we want to do, we just have to be mature about it. To grow up. To stop acting like children
  95. Because we don’t fight like children. Children fight with fists and legs, with pulling hair, and sometimes words (depending on age).
  96. We fight like children on crack, with takes and bombs, with torture and pain, producing psychology we may never find a cure for.
  97. And yes, this is a generalization, and I’m perfectly okay with it. Because I know not everyone is violent on the planet. But some are.
  98. And that’s how they fight. With takes and bombs, and with torture and pain… leaving the psyche damaged forever.
  99. And for good reason, but we’ll get into that later. For now, the key is to spread awareness, regardless if it can be proven by science.
  100. I cant prove everything I talk about, but Im still going to talk about it. Because its important to me.
  101. And I think getting it out is good for the planet. And I’m sure you have some amazing concepts to add too;
  102. especially if you have an exploratory imagination. Which is absolutely necessary to navigate todays world, both within and without.
  103. So let’s get exploring (and sharing), and build a cult that actually gives a shit about the well being of everything on this planet;
  104. But is also willing to put in the work so that we can live in a society based on freedom, not security. Where we respect one another,
  105. and collaborate with each other, instead of the current state of constant competition. Which works for some, but not everyone.
  106. Thus, for those that want to live in freedom, where we work for each other, and not for a company like a government or country,
  107. What are you willing to sacrifice to make it happen? Will you be able to get passed the  idea that freedom, just like security, is a cult?
  108. And embrace a lifestyle of working with people to build a brighter future, than against? In the end, the choice is yours;
  109. I know where I stand. The question is… where do you?
  110. As always, thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. If you have additional thoughts about cults, hit me up on @weareexistence.
  111. If not, please check out my other articles on here, or listen to/download copies of my podcast Transcendence. Peace 🙂
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