1. Remember, you don’t need to have a degree or any prior experience to change the world. You just have to do it.
  2. I see so many people on this planet chasing backup plans, only to live them for the rest of their lives.
  3. And that’s not a jab at anyone. It legitimately saddens me that any of us have to spend one second of time doing what we hate.
  4. But instead of doing the hard work that freedom requires, we choose security and create a class system.
  5. What’s worse, is that there’s an even more fucked up reason why this is all happening, but I doubt you’d want to hear it.
  6. And the thing is, there is no problem with the class system, or any system really, we just don’t know how to use them properly.
  7. Put these systems in a well balanced civilization who haven’t been basically inbred since the beginning of time (according to the bible),
  8. and a civilization will flourish. However, like most systems, including the human body, virus’s can get in. There is a virus in the system.
  9. It’s been a trojan horse for the longest time. Sitting, waiting to take full control of all other systems.
  10. We joke about it, but the monetary system does believe it is God, or at least a god.
  11. Because essentially, it is. We are intrinsically, from ancient days, attracted to gold. This is because of the sun.
  12. It is why the pyramids were original plated in white gold… because it reflected the sun majestically.
  13. Imagine being blinded by the light of the sun, so that no matter what you had to hide your eyes, and the easiest way to do that: pray.
  14. Talk about “spiritual.” To have no choice but to surrender to the god of the Sun. AMEN-RA… now that is something.
  15. But then we took the gold down, to help the economy, and we never got back there… a stage where gold was a tool that helped us give thanks
  16. Thanks for the opportunity to exist in the first place. We take this for granted. All of us. Even me. For the longest time I hated it here.
  17. I wanted to go home. Because I know where my home is, and it’s not here. And if it’s sound fucked up to hear that, than okay.
  18. But I can’t help knowing who I am. And I can’t help knowing that I can actually make a difference on this planet. One that matters.
  19. And it starts with Twitter, and the books, and the podcasts. It starts with the sharing of information… because thought always comes first.
  20. In the beginning was the word, comes right before God said “Let there be light.” Thought comes before manifestation. ALWAYS.
  21. And before that comes imagination. Because something had to think up that thought. Consciousness is the imagination.
  22. And by the way, I’m not Christian. I’m just a guy who sees the world a different way. However, I clearly see the value in their teachings.
  23. As I do with everything else on this planet. As hard as it is to understand, everything is equal to me. It just is.
  24. @WeAreExistence I see no more value in living in a mansion, as I do in a cardboard box. It’s all the same to me.
  25. I live where I live because I was guided here. It would offer me the solitude, yet comradely that I need to get to this point.
  26. If I’m here forever, I’m here forever. If I move on, I move on. I pick and choose when I want attachment. And I choose when I want to detach
  27. However, because I see no value in money, I struggle. And because we worship this thing like a drug; the withdrawal being death,
  28. weve simply written off the idea that we can live together without this false system. Look, in the hands of good people, government isnt bad
  29. It’s only gotten this way because of greed. Because we lost the value of gold, and thus, worship it, instead of the sun.
  30. And we shove it in the sun’s face too. It shines it’s light on us, and where are we? Inside, working for the all mighty dollar.
  31. And you wonder why I have no value for money. I do not value something that creates slaves, regardless of consent.
  32. Remember who allowed the last two world wars to happen? The mere thought that they had to be “financed” should tip you off.
  33. What we fail to see, is that money is not a system… it is a product. A FUCKING PRODUCT, like a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.
  34. And yet it is accepted all over the world. It is mankind most cruel invention. And yet we are addicted to it. Like heroin junkie bad.
  35. The speech in The Great Dictator pretty much sums it up. If you haven’t heard it, here: youtu.be/Gaq62VCcnew
  36. If you have, it’s fucking awesome right. But it brings up a good point. The movie was made in 1940.
  37. It’s been 75 years and we still can’t get our shit together. “Look at what we’ve done technology,” sure, but people are dying.
  38. And senseless dying. And yes, there is a reason for it on the level above that contradicts what I’m about to say, but…
  39. we have no clue the amount of death we experience at the hands of man. And while it’s hard to prove, almost all are man made.
  40. Imagine how long we could live if we didn’t keep trying to kill one another. And I’m talking with shitty foods and pills.
  41. As well as war, the 40 hour work week, and mining for resources. We can’t even fathom how long we could live for. And that’s sad.
  42. It’s sad, because a part of me actually believes we, as a species, the intelligent ape, have given up. That we can’t do it, that we can’t
  43. EVOLVE
  44. So instead, we distract ourselves. I mean, even I procrastinate… and I want to change the planet… I really don’t have any time to waste.
  45. And I guess that brings me to my point. I’m actually saying I’m willing to take the first step towards true change. But i can’t do it alone.
  46. And I have no degree or prior experience to changing this planet. But I have a fuck ton of information, and thoughts manifest things 🙂
  47. The problem is, we have no clue how the LOA works. So much so that people in certain communities find issue when I say I cannot.
  48. And I mean that with an emphatic I CANNOT. I’ve had several conversations with the above about it. I’m here to balance.
  49. You see, the universe is tired of lending us shit. All we do is ask, ask, ask… why not give first, than ask. See what happens 🙂
  50. You think the United States is in debt, the human species is so indebted to god of Money, it’s created a debt system to the afterlife.
  51. When people say that “money is the devil” it’s kind of true, in a metaphorical sense. When we borrow from the bank of karma,
  52. the debt goes against our soul, and not the individual. This means that if you have outstanding debt to the god of money, you repeat.
  53. Same kind of life, different body. And it happens until you stop borrowing money, or the system cuts you off.
  54. And maybe I’m cut off because of previous lives where I’ve been so gung ho about freeing ourselves from money, that I’ve bankrupted myself
  55. karmically… and the only way to break it, is to basically change the world with the help of other people, and not the universe.
  56. It means I need your help. I need to ask you a favor. I need to ask you to put all your previous concepts of money aside, and just listen.
  57. this is as much of a warning as a cry for help and support. Every second working at a job you hate, so you can buy shit you don’t need,
  58. is second you don’t get to live your purpose, as well as experience Earths true beauty.
  59. What would another hour of watching your children grow up mean to you?
  60. Or another hour with friends or family?
  61. What would you give up to be free?
  62. And I know it’s not going to be easy. Growing fucking hurts, if you don’t remember, ask a kid. They’ll tell you.
  63. In fact, we can learn a lot from kids, but we aren’t ready for that yet. But we are ready for change. And we know we are.
  64. We’re just waiting for someone to step up and put their balls on the line.
  65. And really make an impact on this planet, and purpose the universe, then why not me. And I’m not anything special, I’m just willing to do it
  66. *perhaps
  67. But I can’t do it alone. We’ve forgotten the importance of support. The tool of collaboration. We’ve forgotten how necessary it is.
  68. Mainly because we’ve boughten into this idea of independence, instead of interdependence, where we can stand on two feet, and still help.
  1. I’m not going to lie, I have a really complex way of looking at existence, it is unlike most people on the planet.
  2. I cannot keep things simple, because they aren’t simple. Shit is fucking crazy. If you think what I’m saying is insane now, just wait.
  3. Understanding the universe is one of the greatest mind fucks you will ever experience in your lifetime.
  4. To truly understand how nothingness and everything can be the same thing, is an intense journey.
  5. How we are both the macrocosm experiencing the microcosm, and it’s dualistic opposite.
  6. And there is always a macrocosm and microcosm… universe to galaxy, galaxy to solar system, solar system to planet, etc…
  7. But don’t for a second think that one is more important than the other. And that’s what we need to learn. That is the key to freedom.
  8. That any quantity, multiplied by a clue of zero, will always be zero… when we can value everything the same.
  9. we will finally see that just because 1 x 1 = 1, it can also equal 0, which is a choice. And it’s important to note that this system has a
  10. trinity, with 100% money to the extreme right, 100% freedom to the extreme left and trade in the middle.
  11. However, what we forget is that we can live in any of the three, be it monetary, trade or freedom. Each as as accessible as the other.
  12. It comes down to choice. The moment we value an item more than human life, we head to the right. We choose this.
  13. However, living completely on the left doesn’t work either, because nothing gets done.
  14. Instead, we need to start trading with the other entity that allows us to live, mother Earth.
  15. Can you imagine what our world would look like, if instead of working for money, we simply gave back to the planet?
  16. And we gave back the way we knew best. I enjoy thinking and sharing those thoughts with people. It’s how I can give back.
  17. If I can change the mind of someone with the phrasing of a sentence, I’ve done something special.
  18. The question is, what can you do. What special talent have you buried for so long, because you didn’t think it was possible?
  19. What can you give back to the world that can make it a better place to live?
  20. Think of it this way if you were to ever come back to this planet, what would you want it to be like, feel like, smell, taste and sound like
  21. And the thing is, we’ve always had the ability to shift and create a better world, we just don’t believe we can.
  22. And it’s because of one thing. No mater how amazing you think your imagination is, it can be Sharper. Better. more Creative.
  23. Think about this, if nobody went out and voted, what would people “in control” do? How would they react?
  24. And don’t give me the same story of “anarchy is bad.” Understand all types of anarchy first and you’ll see that only certain types are bad.
  25. It’s something we do on the planet. We label one item as bad, and then we think that all items like that are bad.
  26. We do this with race all the time. Yes, there are some black people that you should walk across the street from. But not all.
  29. and they can simply just tolerate you… like I’m sure some of you do with me… at least that’s how it feels in my family.
  30. Seriously though, we’ve seemed to have forgotten how powerful we really out. We are the experience of existence watching itself.
  31. Us, on the microcosm and It, on the macrocosm. We are not separate, we are one in the same. Please remember that 🙂
  32. Look, there is a lot that needs to be done on this planet, and it’s not going to happen at the hands of the current leaders.
  33. Most spiritual leaders only care about making money They sell books they should give for free. The sell information that is rightfully yours
  34. Content should always be free, however, in a monetary system, that can’t always be the case. I, personally, will never charge for my content
  35. It will always be free. However, because I want to devote my life to helping this planet; in my own special way, I also need to make money.
  36. Not because I want to, but because we continue to choose to live by this system, worshipping the god of money.
  37. And because this is the norm. Because this is how business is done, I’ve decided to sell a product. Basically, me.
  38. So while content will always be free, I will sell my name, considering it’s currently on loan from the Corporation of Canada.
  39. In exchange for a consistent flow of free content, I am selling inscriptions; either a note from me to you, or from you to someone else.
  40. I feel like this is the less intrusive way to create an income, and it also limits me for how much I can make.
  41. This is because I’m offering something that cannot be automated… there is no machine out there that thinks like me.
  42. This means I have to write/type every inscription (from me to you) personally. That takes time. Thus I’ve limited the amount I’m selling.
  43. Simply because it will give me the cashflow to free me up, and saying thank you for two years straight is a pretty kick ass job.
  44. And so here’s the sales pitch. If at any point one of my thoughts stopped and made you think, please purchase an inscription.
  45. It’s the cost of your daily Starbucks coffee (if that’s your thing). And if it is, why not download my book, and read it while you drink.
  46. then, if it stops and makes you think, please, purchase an inscription. As I said there are two types, one that I sign for you personally…
  47. And one where it’s a personal message from you, that you can then share with someone else. To me, that’s a win win:
  48. I get to continue, and we get to do something with digital content that is basically unheard of… adding a personal note to an eBook.
  49. To download imagine please go to: ruggeddiamond.com For more information about inscriptions go to: ruggeddiamond.com/#inscriptions
  50. And I fully understand if money is tight. And there is always other ways to support. If you cannot or choose not to purchase an inscription,
  51. I’m totally okay with that, the material will still remain free, however, I do ask you, if you enjoy what you read, to share my work.
  52. Get my book imagine in the hands of everyone you think will appreciate it. Spread my words so that others hear about me.
  53. I know what this seems like, but it’s not like that at all. I want to show you the true power of the collective…
  54. and first, it requires me to put the oxygen over my face first, and then helping you. The fucked up part, I need your help.
  55. So it comes down to trust. I hope by now you understand my intentions. But now I ask for something big. Your trust.
  56. And I know we aren’t ready for this stage yet. I’m knew to a lot of you. Why should you put your trust in me.
  57. Because I can show you something that probably nobody else can. I bet, if you give me the chance, I can connect with you…
  58. And then I can show you what I know… everything… it’s all yours… for free… but first I need to be free to do it.
  59. And for those that need to understand it from drastic measures… do nothing, and if I choose survival, I work 40-50 hours a week.
  60. That, plus necessary sleep time means 2/3 of my time is taken away from helping this planet, which includes you.
  61. And who knows, maybe one day I’m the one that helps you get over your biggest fear, or comforts you after you lost the love of your life.
  62. But none of that happens, because I’m stocking shelves. And its nobel work, but it won’t help us change the world.
  63. That’s it for the pitch guys. I really thank you for listening. Each and every one of you gives me hope to continue.
  64. Just on a side note, for those wondering, this is what it looks like to be honest. If you want more information about my plan, hit me up.
  65. I have no secrets, if you want to know something, just ask. And I don’t know the whole plan, but I do understand the first step.
  66. And I can help us climb it, all 7billion of us. As King said, we don’t need to see the whole staircase, we just have to take the first step.
  67. Remember, you don’t need to have a degree or any prior experience to change the world. You just have to do it. And Im willing to do it.

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