1. We see atrocities happening all around us, yet do nothing because we believe others will do something. It’s time we do something.
  2. It is time we understand the true meaning of spirituality, of existence and this experiment called reality.
  3. Want to know why you are here? Stop asking and stop thinking, instead, follow your heart; it’s where intuition resides.
  4. Feel trapped in life, do something about it. Need help, ask. Can’t find help, keep asking. There are 7 billion of us, at least one will help
  5. Have something to say, say it; you never know who is going to hear it and use it as motivation to get unstuck.
  6. Learn to trust from the start. Be at 100% from the beginning, and keep others accountable when that trust starts to fade.
  7. And for Christ sakes, learn to forgive. And then learn to forget. Learning this will only make you stronger.
  8. Or we can keep sending our children to war, or into factories, diamond mines and sweatshops.
  9. We can keep building their hate from the inside out; or we can teach them love and understanding. They are sponges, soaking up everything.
  10. Children are our future, but so are we. It is our job, as adults to show them that anything is possible. ANYTHING.
  11. But first we need to believe that too. Everything weve ever wanted is possible, unfortunately weve been conditioned to believe the opposite.
  12. What’s sad, is that this is going to fall on deaf ears, because for the most part, people don’t understand how radical the change has to be.
  13. They believe change happens within the system, but it doesn’t. Nothing will ever truly change within the system.
  14. The thing is, you already know all of this, you just haven’t learned to trust your intuition yet.
  15. We seek to the stars to set us free, yet it is within one another that it is possible.
  16. We unlock each other’s chains, not the universe. Do you actually think it cares about love more than war? It cares equally, about everything
  17. Therefore, it is up to us. Change is noticeable when we are in fear, but can only be acted upon when we rise above it. Let’s rise.
  18. And let’s stop taking out loans from the universe and start banking on the help of all of us. Money isn’t the only thing stored away these days.
  19. Want actual change, then it’s up to all of us, not a select few. Let’s start the conversation today. WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE CHANGED?
  20. Remember though, in order for change to happen, we have to be willing to change. Are you willing? And are you ready?
  21. The last was a trick question… You’ll never be ready. We’ll never be ready. There is never going to be a perfect time. So let’s start now.
  22. I’ll get off this soap box now, in case someone else wants to climb aboard. Thank you.
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At some point in life we are all told we are average. I'm here to pull you out of the rubble, dust you off and help you be extraordinary!
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