1. At some point, we’ll have to have a tough discussion on whether or not we can continue living in a world filled with unlimited philosophies.
  2. Whether you want to accept it or not, we all pay tax to exist on this planet.
  3. Your belief in something’s existence bares no weight on its actual existence. Open your mind to more, and more will show up.
  4. Thought the following YouTube comment was pretty interesting (it’s not mine): “Actually no one is free… WE are born in to the system they
  5. have created, we speak the languages they have created, we worship the religions they have created, we go the schools they have designed for
  6. us, we obey the way they want us to and we even think the way they want us to…. We are anything but free, BUT, If nature can pull its
  7. retaliation off in its entirety then we might have a chance to become free in its true form.”
  8. Perhaps it’s time we create the freedom we actually want. The first step, however, is to start talking about it (without living in fear). So let’s talk 🙂
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At some point in life we are all told we are average. I'm here to pull you out of the rubble, dust you off and help you be extraordinary!
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