1. Our existence is made up of layers, each with their own lessons and experiences for us to learn. Each layer is different, and whatever we learn
  2. on said layer is true for that layer. It doesn’t mean that the layer above or below isn’t true as well; everything in existence is true, and
  3. everything in existence is false. When combined together, they create balance. To see the balance means you understand the purpose of
  4. existence and thus, are able to see how all layers connect together. For the record, no layer is better than the other, they are simply
  5. perfect for you for the time you are in them. Thus, just because you disagree with someone’s point of view, doesn’t mean you are right and
  6. they are wrong, it simply means that you are on different levels, learning different things. Love is as much the answer as fear, when you
  7. finally understand that, you will know what layer/level I am on. Hopefully, when you do, you will smile, because you see the world as I do.
  8. For those seeking common ground between Christianity and Science, they both call our planet by the name Earth. Both could call it anything.
  9. Definitions are meant to define a moment, not a lifetime. Sadly, we have forgotten this and thus, have allowed words to make us slaves.
  10. Everything is an illusion, including free will. The moment we truly understand this, the rest of existence will start to open up.
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