1. What if most people are wrong about what “spirituality” is? Would it make a difference in how they view the world? Would it even matter?
  2. What people think is spirituality, is actually an unnamed paradigm consisting of the combination of science and religion.
  3. Spirituality is derived from the term spirit, based on the idea that everything in this universe is some form of spirit.
  4. But somehow, because we lack the ability to see each other’s perspectives, we failed to see that EVERYTHING around us is spirit, and thus…
  5. EVERYTHING is spiritual, therefore, when we discuss war and violence, we are being spiritual, just like when we discuss peace and love.
  6. Yet we’ve allowed ourselves to get lost, thinking that spirituality is something outside of everything, and thus, become lost ourselves
  7. Being 1% off in the beginning is the difference between finishing where you intended to, and finishing somewhere way far off course.
  8. Yet, when seeing the sheer idea of spirituality going this far off course, because of 7 billion+ different perspectives, it is difficult to
  9. help steer the ship back on course, mainly because everyone has bought into the idea that the individual journey, is more important than the
  10. whole. What’s worse, is that those that can see the ship off course, and can see the trajectory of where the ship will eventually port, are
  11. usually ostracized because they stand up for the whole, therefore infringing on people’s individual rights and free will. Thus, instead of
  12. being seen as optimists, they are seen as oppressors. And while all they really care about is EVERYONE living the best life possible, they
  13. are essentially forced to tow the line and fit in, because although the ship may be off course, living in on a planet where you don’t
  14. connect to anyone, is hell. Unfortunately, it is usually only those that can see the ship off course, that can see the multiple perspectives
  15. and those that stick to the idea that the personal journey is more important than the whole, only see it from their own perspective.
  16. They cling tightly to this idea, no matter the damage and chaos they disperse upon the planet. Is there any doubt that people fail to see
  17. the ultimate goal of mankind, when we are caught up in the generation titled “ME.” And although being caught up with your own self-discovery
  18. is still a very spiritual act, it is time that we start putting our journey’s on the back burner and right the ship we are traveling on…
  19. because if we don’t do this, we will soon, no longer have a ship to journey on… and it all starts with understanding what spirituality is.
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