1. With over 7billion of us on this planet, I’m certain some see numbers as completely arbitrary.
  2. For instance, take the numbers 0, 1, 2 and 5, without order or context, they are totally meaningless.
  3. It isn’t until we put the 2 in front of the 0, and the 5 behind the 1, and put both pairs together, that we can add context to the numbers.
  4. In our case, the number 2015 represents a collection of days that we can reflect upon, both in a microcosmic sense as day upon day,
  5. and in a macrocosmic sense of year upon year; meaning we can see how we’ve progressed from one day to the next, as individuals,
  6. as well as glancing back year to year and seeing how we’ve progressed as both individuals and as a collective.
  7. Unfortunately, it seems the latter takes the back seat when reflecting upon our time on this beautiful blue rock floating through space.
  8. For the most part, when we reflect on our lives, we often fail to see where we fit with the collective; almost as if we are separate.
  9. Perhaps its human nature, as it seems we, the collective, have forgotten we are a creation of this planet; the mixture of dirt and water.
  10. That we are not above the rest of nature, but a part of it. Unfortunately, this trickles down to the individual as well.
  11. And thus, instead of viewing our lives from both an individualistic perspective as well as where we fit into the collective,
  12. We simply tow the line, keep with the status quo, and simply make comparisons about our lives; either against our previous day/year…
  13. Or against someone else. Rarely, do we look upon our lives from a state of both macrocosm (the collective) and microcosm (the individual).
  14. Both being our key to living healthy and balanced lives.
  15. And because we see ourselves as separate from nature, following the law of As Above, So Below, we also see us separate from each other.
  16. Which then leads to more and more separation, until we find a way to isolate ourselves from everyone on the planet.
  17. And while it’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it’s part of our DNA to separate and multiple constantly, it can cause major issues.
  18. Unfortunately, because we are overly conditioned to focus on the self, mainly because we’ve been conditioned that if we don’t, who will?
  19. We often don’t take the time to see how our individualistic actions affect the macrocosm; in this case, the collective.
  20. Thus, when we reach maximum capacity of days in a year; roughly 365, we create a new folder for the next year.
  21. We then (not including everyone) create what is called resolutions; things we’d like to either achieve or resolve over the next 365 days.
  22. Of course, the majority of resolutions created follow the same guidelines… they focus mainly on improvements of the self, not the whole.
  23. Most are about losing weight, making more money, getting a better job, or being a better parent, partner, sibling or friend.
  24. Some are about attaining material objects, or surviving life by correcting their mental state, but I bet if we all shared our resolutions…
  25. We’d see one common dominator: no-one is looking to resolve or create solutions for our current collective problems.
  26. In fact, a quick twitter search on the keyword resolution found hundreds of tweets on the subject, but nothing about helping the collective.
  27. My question is why? With the rampant amount of discord on this planet, why are we still concerned about self preservation?
  28. Why are there no resolutions to collectively help balance the discord between men and women? Or between people of color?
  29. Or any of the other major issues affecting both our day to day lives and our year to year lives as well.
  30. How bad does this planet have to get before we start taking action as a collective, instead of individuals.
  31. When are we going to care equally about US and WE, instead of just I or ME?
  32. It’s the year 2016, but that doesn’t mean mankind has only existed for 2016 years. Our recorded history dates back at least 3400 years.
  33. However, it does allow us the ability to reflect back on those years and see how our individualistic thinking has affected the whole.
  34. Apparently, in 3400 years, we’ve only had 268 years of peace sprinkled in between. That’s 8%. Does that seem like a passing grade to you?
  35. Yet I doubt that most people on the planet even care to do something about it? To help shift the balance from war back to peace.
  36. Would it be so wrong to live in balance? To not only unconditionally love ourselves, but also everyone else around the world?
  37. Why is unconditional love such a hard concept to grasp?
  38. And it doesn’t mean that we can’t joke or talk about certain things. It just means at the end of the day, we don’t take it personal.
  39. That the conversation ends in balance, where both sides understand each other and move on without ill intentions.
  40. Why is it so hard to understand the possibility that unconditional love can exist within all of us?
  41. And why can’t that be the number one resolution for everyone?
  42. Imagine living in a world where we actually look out for one another. Where we care about the well being of everyone, and not just the self.
  43. Where we consider everyone family, because we are all family in a cosmic sense. We’re all made of the same shit, we’ve simply forgotten.
  44. And thus, instead of being in competition with others, or our previous selves, we collaboration with each other to create a new world.
  45. One where we understand that everyone is different, and accept them for both their beauty and their ugly, without discrimination.
  46. And it isn’t hard. It’s just a matter of wanting to do it. To choose to reverse the conditioning that holds us back from unconditional love.
  47. Which will then allow us to view the macrocosm and the microcosm with the same amount of weight, and balance them on the scales of existence
  48. We can live in peace. It’s all a choice. It’s always been a choice, we’ve just never noticed the box to check. But it’s always been there.
  49. And while it may be difficult for people to understanding, why shouldn’t we make and share collective resolutions.
  50. Then find those that want to complete the same resolution and go out in the world and make a difference.
  51. Why not be known as the person or people that brought acceptance to the discord of men and women, or of skin color?
  52. Or any of the other insanely ridiculous issues that we constantly turn a blind eye to.
  53. The thing is, these issues will never go away. If we don’t tackle them now, they’ll be here tomorrow. As well as the next day.
  54. They’ll be here at the end of 2016, and will be part of the programming in the folder of 2017, carried over from centuries passed.
  55. This will continue until one of two things happen; either mankind is destroyed (by self or nature), or we figure it out and love each other.
  56. It is my hope that we collectively choose the latter, but that only happens if we also individually choose the latter first.
  57. And we can wait until next year to take the necessary steps to create a world of unconditional love. And keep postponing it till infinity.
  58. Or we can use the next 363 days to really show the universe what mankind is made of.
  59. That we can show the lessons of equality and acceptance the respect they deserve, as well show each other the respect we deserve and desire.
  60. That we can all live on this planet as both individuals and as a collective, both accepting our differences while staying equal.
  61. But first we have to stop seeing ourselves solely as individuals, and start seeing ourselves as who we truly are…
  62. Creations of the universe, children of planet Earth; one with everything (including nature). We are the macrocosm and microcosm of all.
  63. And in saying that, I will give you my main resolution and for 2016:
  64. “To work with as many people, both individuals and collectives, to understand acceptance on the deepest level possible.
  65. And then go out and encourage the rest of the planet to do the same.”
  66. And if we get to work on it now, the workflow will be set in place for 2017 for us to push even harder and hopefully continue this momentum
  67. so that the next generations pick up where we left off and continue to understand acceptance and equality on a deep level.
  68. From there, it will eventually snowball into everyone understanding these two principles as deeply as possible, and thus…
  69. Being able to make proper decisions as individuals, knowing full well that our actions also affect the collective (and everything beyond).
  70. And if you’re wondering who I am, the best way to find out is to download a copy of my book “imagine” from ruggeddiamond.com.
  71. Everything you need to know about me is between those pages, as well as on my podcast transcendence: http://ruggeddiamond.com/transcendence/
  72. Thing is, nothing is ever going to change on this planet unless we put in the work. The sooner we get started, the sooner change can happen.
  73. It all comes down to us as individuals. We have to make a choice… What’s more important, losing weight or acceptance for all?
  74. Making more money or acceptance for all?
  75. Buying material goods or acceptance for all?
  76. Here’s a hint: both are equally important for us as a civilization to maintain balance.
  77. Thus, it’s healthy to go after individual goals, just don’t forget about the collective as well; because our actions as individuals,
  78. affect the actions of the collective; which then cycles back to affecting the actions of the individuals, and so on.
  79. In short, want to experience true change on the planet, then perhaps it’s time we get to work and create the change we want to see.
  80. Of course, if you’re happy the way things are, keep focussing on your individualistic goals; for those who desire change however, let’s talk
  81. Let’s get to work and create the world we want future generations to live in; one of balance, where we accept each other for who we are.
  82. One where we understand that once we pass our current lessons, that more will come. But because we are a well oiled machine,
  83. we can take on each new lesson with ease, because the difficult task is to get the ball rolling. Once in motion, it’s all maintenance.
  84. But it has to start somewhere. Why not have it start in 2016? And why not have those that start it, be you, me and everyone else who joins?
  85. Because if we don’t start the ball rolling, who will? And if we keep passing the buck, what do you think others will do?
  86. And if we don’t do anything now, why should we assume that others will do it later. Hasn’t that gotten us in enough trouble already?
  87. Which leads to my final question: why do we accept living in a world like this, where we condemn others for their differences,
  88. instead of accepting, loving and embracing them, and figuring out how our differences combined, can affect the world for the better?
  89. Why do we choose hate, when we can choose love, both individually and collectively?
  90. Why does it often have to be I&ME vs. US&WE, why can’t we just be one, yet still retain our individuality? Why? Thank you 🙂

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