1. Is it possible to just listen? To hear what others say without tainting it with our own perceptions?
  2. We all want peace, but, for the most part, we want it our way; peace is about the whole, not the individual. Individualism keeps us at war.
  3. Look around. If the law of attraction is real, then what we truly want is war, control, consumerism and sadness. It is what we create.
  4. I cant urge this enough. It’s time we started to talk. To voice our thoughts. To connect with one another with open and honest communication.
  5. We’ve all bought into the myth that one person can change the world. In order for actual change to occur, it takes the whole.
  6. The moment this clicks in, leaders and followers won’t matter, as we will all move in the same direction.
  7. Want peace, stop hiding who you are from the world. We all have pieces to the puzzle and it is now time to share them.
  8. So tell me something: Who are you, what do you want, and what are you willing to do to achieve it? Be honest, I’m here to listen 🙂
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At some point in life we are all told we are average. I'm here to pull you out of the rubble, dust you off and help you be extraordinary!
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