1. We are taught in High School to think very little about magnets. We are also taught in High School to never question authority. Wonder why?
  2. In Walter Cruttenden’s book “Lost Star of Myth and Time,” he discusses the effects that magnetism has on the brain/mind…
  3. In the discussion, he mentions a shielded room in the department of physics at UCLA, designed to allow researches to adjust the levels of
  4. electromagnetic energy, magnetism and particle changes within its walls. This room is called the MU room. In one study, subjects were placed
  5. in the room, and were assigned tasks to complete. Those running the experiment, then depleted virtually all electromagnetism from the space.
  6. According to Cruttenden, the subjects burst into tears and sobbed, as it was an experience unlike anything these people had ever experienced
  7. And while the subjects reported that they didn’t feel sad, apparently their bodies felt threatened (by the lack of electromagnetism).
  8. However, as the field increased BEYOND normal levels, the subjects thinking became clear and they reported an expansion of consciousness.
  9. Basically, this means the more electromagnetism we have around us, the more connected we can be, at least, thats the results the study found
  10. Now, take a look at Tesla, and his inventions for “free energy.” For the most part, his designs, which were much safer for mankind, used
  11. some form of magnets, usually to create a magnetic field. Of course, there is more to the story than that, however, for brevity sake, he
  12. figured out how to supply power to our entire world, all without the need for wires. This means that the energy used to power our appliances
  13. would be around us, freely able to be tapped into. Now, think about the effect that an increase in electromagnetism had on the subjects in
  14. the MU room. How their consciousness increased when the level of electromagnetism was increased beyond what they were used to.
  15. Think about what would happen to the human race, if everything was powered, wirelessly of course, by something like that.
  16. Imagine what the human race would be like if we were ALL able to tap into some higher form of consciousness? Perhaps this should be our goal?
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