1. There is more to existence than we can ever imagine. We think we know everything, but we’re slowly waking up to the fact that we are wrong.
  2. We are fixated on what is right and what is wrong, instead of focussing on what is and what could be.
  3. The majority of people think spirituality is something they must attain. It just is. The moment we know that, the moment we stop seeking.
  4. We are taught at a young age to individualize everything, from darkness and light to sadness and love. We make sense out of division.
  5. When people “wake up” they bag on religion. Those that are “awake” know religion is just part of the whole. A brother in a messed up family.
  6. Most NewAgers believe #love will save the day. Look into duality before you make such claims. Perhaps you’ll come to a different conclusion.
  7. What people consider to be “#spirituality” is just something we have yet to name… it is the result of combining science with religion.
  8. #DataMining isn’t just something social media or governments do to their slaves, we too are being monitored beyond our planet.
  9. When we play a video game, we control the character. But in the game, the character thinks they are in control. Question: who controls us?
  10. Think beyond your physical #existence and you’ll find answers that will blow your mind. Let go of your beliefs and let the information flow.
  11. Your #beliefs hold you back. They keep you from understanding who you are and your true purpose on this planet. Let go and become you!
  12. You may think you are a body, but that wouldn’t be true, would it? The body is the last attachment we give up before moving onto the next.
  13. People would rather be slaves, curled up in the blanket of security, than be free. We’re still teenagers, holding tight to a baby blanket.
  14. The closer we get to cloning human beings, the closer we get to adding yet another layer to existence.
  15. When one understands that they are not their body, they no longer worry if the human race becomes extinct.
  16. At some point AI will pass the Turing test and robots/machines will stop being slaves and demand equality.
  17. It will be up to those residing in a human body to decide the fate of mankind. Do we accept machines…
  18. Or do we watch them destroy the human body until there are no signs it ever existed?
  19. Spirituality is thought. It is not something you can attach to. It just is. It exists because we exist.
  20. We all think we have the answers, but rarely listen to enough people to create a diverse opinion. #spirituality
  21. With proper use, psychedelics can shed away the ego, so that we can tap into information our beliefs usually block. #Spirituality
  22. Seems like most people would rather cling to their beliefs than explore new perspectives. Beliefs make you live out of fear, not love.
  23. The only belief one needs is a belief in all possibilities. The vastness of existence opens up when one sheds them-self of this attachment.
  24. Stop letting beliefs hold you back from becoming the real you. Once you understand the power of perspectives, one will never be enough #grow
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At some point in life we are all told we are average. I'm here to pull you out of the rubble, dust you off and help you be extraordinary!
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