1. Anyone else having a messed up January? One registering more on the sad side than usual?
  2. If you are, youre not alone. There are many of us feeling like this. The question is, is it collective consciousness? or coincidence?
  3. And while many theories may be correct as to why this is happening, I have my own thoughts as well. But before I share…
  4. Has anyone ever heard of the Industry of Hope? If not, perhaps it’s time you do. Of course, the Industry of Hope doesn’t technically exist…
  5. You can’t find it on Google, unlike other Big Businesses, like Oil, War, Entertainment, Toys, Education, Pharma-care, Automobiles, etc.
  6. But Hope falls into this category as well, its just flown under the radar forever, possibly. For the most part, you see it almost everywhere
  7. It’s one of the leading money makers on the planet, and it takes advantage of everything around it, especially war. What’s hope without war
  8. If I were to guess, I’d say it’s a trillion dollar industry, but it could be even greater. But what exactly is it? First, let’s understand hope.
  9. Hope : “to desire with expectation of obtainment or to expect with confidence” – Taken from merriam-webster.com/dictionary/hope
  10. Think about what that really means. Let it sink in. Where does that sound familiar? Anything standing out yet?
  11. Perhaps the Law of Attraction (LOA for short)? Or the Power of Positive Thought. What about Religions or Self-Help books and Seminars?
  12. But it doesn’t stop there. Hope is advertised in all of our charities. In our election campaigns; think Obama 2008
  13. And the list continues. We are sold Hope in booze, pills, food and water. It’s sold to us in our products, electronics, computers, make-up.
  14. And that’s not everything. Like I said, it’s sold EVERYWHERE, and in practically everything. But do you know why? Why is hope so important?
  15. Think back to Greek mythology and the story of Pandora. In the myth, Pandora was the first human female created by the Gods.
  16. Created as a burden to mankind, Pandora was designed with many deceitful traits, but none compared to her physical gift: a jar.
  17. Upon being gifted to Epimetheus, Pandora dumps the entire contents of her jar upon the world, except one: hope. This is kept in the jar.
  18. It is the only thing that is kept out of reach of mankind, meant to reflect the idea that only Zeus, you God king, can deliver Hope.
  19. And while there is much more to this myth than the few tweets above, what’s important to note is that Hope has been “kept” from us forever.
  20. At least, it’s something we’ve been conditioned to believe. And while some have given up hope, there are many who still have faith.
  21. In fact, they buy a piece of Hope every chance they get. Donations in the collection plate. A seminar dedicated to self-worth. A shot of H.
  22. It comes in forms of books, in latte’s, in pizza and beer. In pets. In toys. In clothing. This is because Hope doesn’t come in just one form
  23. Like when you buy a new outfit to impress your date; hoping for a second.
  24. Or when you buy a new phone, hoping for faster results.
  25. We are being sold Hope 24/7 365 and we don’t even notice. And because of this we don’t question why. Why are we being sold Hope?
  26. Again, many people will have answers to the above question, but here’s mine:
  27. The reason we are being sold Hope is because the entire planet is sad. And instead of working from the inside, out…
  28. Where we become confident in who our true authentic selves are, including the good and the bad…
  29. We’re conditioned to work from the outside, in, where we’re supposed to “Act as if,” instead of “Be as if.” Because you aren’t good enough.
  30. And instead of being a quality that is created from within, we now consume Hope daily, with fingers crossed that everything will work out
  31. Ever questioned why it’s so important to think positive thoughts? Or mask ourselves with light? Or why we chase the illusion of happiness?
  32. And while we’re sold the idea that the universe manifests what we think (or that we do it), it’s not the whole story.
  33. At the moment, we are conditioned to run on fear. It’s an easy frequency to stay at, because it requires the least amount of responsibility.
  34. However, the more people awaken to the concept of being paralyzed in fear, of living in a sleep state, the greater our frequency rises.
  35. However, there are really only two ways to get to a state of love or what I like to call balance. Through anger or through sadness.
  36. Take a guess at what direction we’ve been heading for the last 3400 years (minus 268 years of peace). Through anger, right?
  37. And because it’s failing miserably – the amount of PTSD on this planet is at an all-time high. The truth, everyone has a case PTSD or CTSD
  38. And because more and more people are waking up to the idea that “how our world works right now” is absolutely wrong
  39. the further we drift from using anger to solve our problems, to using sadness; which is the shortcut to Love/Indifference/Balance.
  40. Thus, instead of acting like the ignorant ape, we’re becoming intelligent.
  41. This is because sadness doesn’t use fists, or guns, or bombs to solve its problems. It uses words and empathy; key elements of understanding
  42. And while the words may be riddled with negativity at first, it’s only the first step towards reaching Love/Indifference/Balance.
  43. Because in order to get to the good, one has to go through the evil. And right now, there is a lot of evil to sift through.
  44. As a collective, we’ve allowed some pretty heinous acts to occur; from the genocide of six million Jews, to the countless deaths of all wars
  45. Not to mention slavery and the fact that some people are still considered “second class citizens” in their own countries of origin.
  46. Yes, there is a lot that we, as a civilization – meaning all of us – have to work through, both collectively and as individuals.
  47. And it can be daunting at first. The negativity can consume you, rule you, almost end you. But this is only fear. It wants to hold you back.
  48. But if you really want to live in Love, without having to mask it and sliding back through joy, into anger, then sadness is the best route.
  49. The strength one gains by facing their inner demons cannot be matched. No synthetic product on the market can cure you.
  50. This includes both the physical side of the spectrum, and the mental. It’s why doctors always recommend rest. Clear the body and the mind.
  51. What they are really saying, is take time to heal yourself, and one of the best ways to do that, is by facing what’s keeping you down.
  52. This is also why the throat chakra is blue, because it’s in the sadness section of our emotional scale. When we feel sad, what color are we?
  53. The throat chakra is also what helps us deal with our demons, as we can come to terms with why they exist, and then… deal with them.
  54. In the end, our entire existence is based on words. Those words then vibrate upon what type of frequency we resonate at. This is emotion.
  55. However, weve also been conditioned to believe that talking about our problems is weak and that physically dealing with them makes us strong
  56. But it’s only propagated the concept of the ignorant ape, incapable of thinking of a solution, so it destroys everything in sight.
  57. Of course, this is good for parts of the Industry of Hope, as it creates new and continual customers that want to use their services.
  58. Especially for those that run one of the two largest Hope rackets in the world: Countries (Governments) and Religions (Christianity, Islam).
  59. However, instead of allowing their customers to either act out in anger or sadness, they repress them by keeping them in fear.
  60. As followers to one ideology or another. And just like most of big business, it’s those at the top that benefit from those at the bottom.
  61. Unfortunately, the sadness racket is no better. Amongst the mix of some simply amazing books and seminars, are a lot of fakes.
  62. While some are genuinely attempting to change or save lives, others are just looking to make a dollar. This really fucks it up for others.
  63. What’s worse, is the science community, who honestly range all over the place when it comes to hope, tries to debunk everything in sight.
  64. And while it’s important to seek “the truth,” debunking everything doesn’t always help. In fact, it’s only hurt our current progression.
  65. Of all the different sections in the sadness racket, Big Pharma is the one doing most of the damage. This can include doctors and therapists
  66. Notice I said the word CAN. Please note that it also means “is possible” and not 100%. If it were, I’d say 100% of doctors and therapists.
  67. Big Pharma has been poisoning the minds of people for the last couple of centuries; but it’s only of late that things are getting worse.
  68. More often people are being diagnosed with depression, and fed pills to keep them as zombies, instead of actually listening to them.
  69. I mean really listen to them, without judgment. Saying someone is depressed is a judgment. Supplying pills to fix an illusion is a judgment.
  70. But sitting there, and guiding someone through their issue(s) so that they deal with them and become their true selves; that’s priceless.
  71. Ive seen it. Of course, only in a few cases so far, but it’s showing that we can heal from the inside, out and not just from the outside, in
  72. This, naturally, is what I’d call the good side of the sadness racket, the side that genuinely cares about making a difference.
  73. These are the ones that would love to see the sadness racket, and possibly the Industry of Hope go out of business…
  74. Not because they want to be out of a job, but because they’d have helped everyone reach a state of love organically, and not be needed.
  75. But instead of working to go out of business, most that work in the Industry of Hope want to hold people back. They want to rip people off.
  76. They want to hold their information hostage, so they price-out most people who truly need their services. And anyone that can’t pay get nada
  77. Or something free that acts as click bait. Rarely ever do I see someone just give something for free without wanting something in return.
  78. And these are the people selling you hope. Want to know why my book is a dollar? Because I already tried giving it away for free…
  79. And it’s not that my book sucks. Most that have read it, have enjoyed it. I charge because people aren’t yet ready to support in full.
  80. At least not in the way that I foresee it. But that will come in time. Until then, I have to make a living, and to do that I choose to write
  81. And in order to write, I have to make sales. Thus, I too, have entered the Industry of Hope. However, just so we’re clear…
  82. Whether you understand this statement or not, I’m on your side. I want the world to be healthy again. To be balanced. To be in love.
  83. And I want to use the right means to do so. Where we all work together and face our demons and grow from the inside out.
  84. Where we learn that it’s okay to talk about our problems, as long as we deal with them. Because un-dealt problems lead to complaints.
  85. And nobody likes a complainer. But everyone loves to see those that are proactive. They exude a different kind of joy than others.
  86. An inner strength that others want to mimic. Unfortunately, this leads to copy cats who shortcut the process; which leads back to fear.
  87. And worse, it tarnishes the name of those that actually want to make a difference. Especially the up and comers, those with a true voice.
  88. And I’m not saying Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins and the like don’t have a true voice, but I find they are still peddling the same stuff…
  89. Which worked before, but isn’t working anymore. Because now it’s time we do some actual work. The hard stuff. It’s time we faced the pain.
  90. Because through the pain we finally see Hope for what it actually is… another part of the illusion. From there, we can step through to love.
  91. But first, we have to face the pain, and that takes true strength. It takes stepping out of fear and possibly looking the fool.
  92. But what would you rather, a fool with freedom, or a slave with security. Because it takes nothing to stay scared…
  93. However, it costs everything to be in a state of Love. A state of balance. One where you define who you are, without the need of a guru…
  94. Or a priest, a pastor, a president or prime minister, or, and forgive me for saying this, but a God or Creator (or the universe).
  95. The Hope I choose to sell is the kind that will help you fish for the rest of your life. To do so, I need to keep fishing as well.
  96. And all it takes is buying a copy of my book, VOLUME 0: imagine, which is a prelude to a much bigger series… one I’m currently writing.
  97. So if youd like to read VOLUME I: we, exist, head over to ruggedDiAMOND.com and purchase a copy of imagine today. Its $1 and in ePub and PDF
  98. It’s cheaper than most books on the market, and may help guide you through any shift you’d like to make this year.
  99. Of course, if you’re looking to stay sad, or depressed and simply want an easy way out, there are many other items in the Industry of Hope.
  100. Perhaps one will suit you better. Overall, I wish you the best of luck with your pursuits. As for those that purchase my book, THANK YOU 🙂
  101. If you ever have any questions, ideas or thoughts, please feel free to message me, or email me, and I’ll get back to you.
  102. How many writers can say that? How many pharmacy companies can say that? Seminars? Governments? Any racket in the industry of hope?
  103. Perhaps there’s a reason the Industry of Hope is a trillion dollar industry, and perhaps it’s time we took that down to billions 🙂
  104. Don’t you think it’s time we released Hope from it’s jar and gave it to its rightful owners: you, me, and everyone else?
  105. Instead of the hands of those that want to exploit us for our time, the only commodity we truly have to give offer on this planet.
  106. Of course, a good question may be… Mike, what is your plan? How can you help? First and foremost, please read my book. Secondly…
  107. Wait for my next post, about an underutilized word that can actually shift the balance on this planet; a word that starts with the letter A.
  108. That’s it, sorry for the length, I suck at being succinct. And thank you for reading. Hopefully I was able to share something of importance.
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