1. Right now, one of the greatest lessons we can learn in our lifetime is unconditional acceptance.
  2. It will allow us to see who we are, as individuals and a collective, and why we do certain things and act certain ways.
  3. However, in order to understand unconditional acceptance, perhaps we first need to understand what acceptance is?
  4. To accept something, is to allow it to exist; this includes everything in the physical realm and in the mental realm.
  5. To push this idea further, this includes the thoughts we manifest into reality, as well as the thoughts we file away for later.
  6. Going deeper, this also includes the stillborn thoughts we have, as well as the aborted ones we toss into the trashcan in our minds.
  7. We either accept them, and allow them to exist, or we don’t accept them, and at some point they become extinct.
  8. This may be a difficult concept to grasp in the material world, however, because even though it’s difficult to accept some things,
  9. they still seem to exist day to day. Perhaps this is the major distinction between the material world and the idealistic world.
  10. One is controlled by the acceptance of the whole, while the other is controlled by the acceptance of the self.
  11. That’s why you can absolutely hate someone, yet still see them every day, simply because someone else loves them.
  12. And while we can’t see this… there is a beauty to it. There is a brilliance to this madness. Order to the chaos.
  13. And because acceptance is such an abstract thought, we all have our own perceptions of what acceptance truly is.
  14. That’s over 7billion plus individual concepts for one word; no wonder we, as a collective, fail to get along, or harmoniously coexist.
  15. However, there is a universal combiner for this. It’s called unconditional acceptance; the ability to see beauty and the ugly in everything.
  16. It means that while some incredibly nasty things happen on this planet, and continue to happen to this day, there is still beauty to be seen
  17. Of course, it takes the ability to see things from both an objective and subjective point of view to actually see the beauty.
  18. Because rape is disgusting. Racism is disgusting. Child labor is disgusting. An entire civilization of slaves to money is disgusting.
  19. But that’s only seeing it from one perspective. And while most can accept that the above claims are true, it’s not unconditional.
  20. When we can see all sides and understand why they exist, we will begin to grow as spiritual beings. Sounds crazy right, so is evolution.
  21. You see, we’ve grown up on a planet where we’ve been conditioned to understand good and evil a certain way.
  22. That good is positive, and that evil is negative. Unfortunately, both statements are only half truths. Because good can be negative.
  23. And evil can be positive. What matters is the perspective(s) you allow yourself to see and accept. This determines how you view the world.
  24. If you only see it as good vs. evil, or positive vs. negative, you tend to miss everything else that falls in between.
  25. Perhaps this is why we struggle on this planet of ours. Because while we are taught certain subjects during formal education,
  26. many other subjects fall to the wayside; one in particular: the concept of free will.
  27. You see, while many state that we live in a free will environment on Earth, how many actually understand the statement they make?
  28. Free will basically means that you can experience anything you want, at any time you want.
  29. And if that’s the actual definition, than ask yourself this, are you experiencing everything you want, when you want?
  30. Want to know why? Because just like most other people on our planet, you also fail to live in unconditional acceptance of all.
  31. That there may actually be a God or creator or grand designer, but that it may not look at all like you.
  32. That maybe this creator just put a bunch of elements into a pot and let them fight it out until a huge explosion created the universe we live in.
  33. And when you think about the universe we live in, you probably think it’s huge, right? But that’s only relative to the size you are.
  34. We’re huge to an ant, and an ant is huge to the cells in their bodies, and those cells are huge to atoms. It’s all relative.
  35. And so is acceptance. Unconditional acceptance is the ability to find the relativity in everything. That maybe the reason is found elsewhere
  36. Meaning, instead of in the material world, it’s found in the idealistic world. Or that it’s found beyond our macrocosm; in the great beyond?
  37. And while it is difficult for some, if not most to understand this, there is a reason for everything that is going on…
  38. Unfortunately, we choose not to dig deep enough, and thus, choose to limit the depths of our overall understanding of our existence.
  39. The key is to explore. However, in order to explore the depths of existence, they first have to accept the things that come before it.
  40. And sometimes, in order to do this, we have to step outside ourselves and place our feet in other people’s shoes.
  41. In order to understand why someone was raped, we should also explore everything that happens within that category of crime.
  42. This includes both the victim and the assailant. This, however, is hard for most people to do, and I completely understand.
  43. Coming from an objective point of view, the reason we struggle to accept that bad things happen, is because we are wrapped up in emotion.
  44. And this isnt a bad thing. Emotions are great. However, because we havent taken the time as a civilization to explore the idea of emotions
  45. We fall short in how to apply them in real world situations. For the most part, our emotions, guided by the ego, are automatic.
  46. Something triggers within us. We instantly see red (or violet) and the emotional gorilla takes over to help us fight the battle.
  47. But it’s far from unconditional acceptance. When we fly into rage, we stop our ability to think, to understand, to listen.
  48. It becomes about us, and how we feel. And that’s okay. Because we are meant to experience these emotions fully.
  49. The key is to at some point come to understand why everything is happening, both to the self and the collective.
  50. To understand why people become victims, while others become assailants. And while others, often watching, do nothing.
  51. And as sick as you may think this sounds, to see both the beauty and the ugly in the situation, is to see it from the perspective of a god.
  52. And while we are on this planet to rest and create, we are also on this planet to explore. And while some play it safe, others don’t.
  53. And while some like to stay as introverts, others love being the life of the party. And not all introverts and extroverts are alike.
  54. There are over 7billion different people on the planet, each with their own uniqueness to them. Yet we choose not to see it.
  55. So yes, someone may have a different skin color than you, but why should that stop you from looking deeper; to accept them for them.
  56. This goes from everyone, from the purest saint, to those that are closest to the devil. If anything, at least accept they exist.
  57. And I’m not saying walk up and shake everyone’s hand. I’m asking, at the very least, to acknowledge that they have every right to exist.
  58. Because I’m certain, that’s what you’d want from you. However, that will never happen, until you accept one thing: yourself.
  59. See, unconditional acceptance isn’t just about the external world, or the world above and beyond us; it’s about the self (inside and out).
  60. In fact, it’s really the only thing you can control your acceptance on… you; not just your actions, but how you think.
  61. There are a lot of people who think just like me, but are too afraid to accept this. Because of this, they hide their gift from the world.
  62. They have yet to unconditionally come to terms with everything they are, from the masked murderer, to the rapist, to the sweetheart.
  63. Who we are runs the gamut of everything that our collective is. However, some traits run more dormant than the other.
  64. And while some may act on their passions, i.e., rape, killing, invading countries, and so on, I’m certain we’ve all had those thoughts.
  65. Yet instead of exploring why we have the thoughts, we shame ourselves and make ourselves feel bad.
  66. Worse, we shine LIGHT onto everything, trying to forget that those thoughts existed in the first place. We abort them into darkness.
  67. But they are still they, and they resurface all the time. Because masking never works, and often, makes things worse.
  68. Instead, learn to deal with the fact that from time to time, you’re going to act and think like a piece of shit.
  69. That it’s both okay to think and be ashamed of certain things we do and say, but to not mask them with light, but accept them.
  70. We do so much damage psychologically to ourselves because we won’t let all sides of us breath.
  71. We tell one side to hide, because we don’t think other people can accept us for who we genuinely are.
  72. And who we genuinely are, as individuals, and as a collective, is a fucked up, hot mess. All of us. Nobody is normal and it’s okay.
  73. Just learn to accept it, learn from it and move on. There is so much we can learn from ourselves and each other by simply accepting.
  74. And I mean unconditionally accepting, not: “well, you don’t believe what I believe, so you’re bad.”
  75. Instead, try for a moment to believe what they believe. Become them for a second. See life from their perspective; it’s exhilarating.
  76. And I know it’s tough, but maybe that’s because you’ve yet to come to unconditional acceptance of yourself.
  77. Perhaps you fail to see the beauty and the ugly within you, and know that EVERYONE on EARTH has the same fault, mostly.
  78. You see, what unconditional acceptance allows us to do, is slowly see the world for what it actually is, a fucked up, hot mess, just like us
  79. It is our macrocosm to our microcosm, just like our bodies, from the moment we are born, become a fucked up, hot mess…
  80. As scary as this may sound, we, as a civilization, have yet to even scratch the surface on this idea of unconditional acceptance.
  81. And that’s okay. At some point, we either will come together as a team, or we will die as individuals. I’ve made my piece with that.
  82. I’ve accepted both outcomes, and all that fall in between (at least those I can imagine).
  83. Acceptance, in general, is difficult. Thus, perhaps we see unconditional acceptance as impossible. Like anything, it’s a choice.
  84. However, if we learned to accept everything unconditionally, and explored unconditionally, we’d discover some amazing findings.
  85. That maybe not everyone on this planet is truly evil. And that we can coexist regardless of sex, color, creed, class, etc.
  86. Because we understand that part of our mission here, is to understand everything, from experiencing sheer ecstasy to excruciating pain.
  87. Because that’s life. That’s free-will. And we all chose to be here. So we might as well accept it. Thank you for listening 🙂
At some point in life we are all told we are average. I'm here to pull you out of the rubble, dust you off and help you be extraordinary!
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