1. Why can’t “blame” be shared between those that constantly cause violence, and those allowing said violence to continue? Both are at fault.
  2. We like to point the finger at those causing us harm, yet fail to realize we are part of the problem.
  3. We complain about unscrupulous politicians, yet continue to encourage their actions by voting on election day.
  4. We feel the terrors of war, yet refuse to act as unit of harmony that lives and breathes peace; and yet we point the finger at the military.
  5. We are all to blame when it comes to the state of existence we live in, every last one of us. And it’s time we hold ourselves accountable.
  6. Want freedom, stop supporting a system that promotes security, as it will only lead to one thing: the continuation of our slavery.
  7. Don’t believe we are slaves. No offense, but please do more research about what is really going on, on this planet.
  8. Ignorance causes just as much damage, if not more, when it comes to the enslavement of the human race.
  9. And while we can all live in peace, we’d rather play the blame game, saying it’s somebody else’s fault than our own, but it isn’t.
  10. We are as much to blame in this currently unbalanced equation called existence. Every. Last. One. Of. Us. And it’s time we acknowledge that.
  11. So I’ll start. I am part of the problem. I hate others when I could show compassion. And not compassion in the traditional sense, but…
  12. Compassion in the sense that if someone needs something, and I can help, that without question I help. And it can be anyone, not just the…
  13. homeless or hungry, or mentally ill, etc., ANYONE, because EVERYONE deserves a hand.
  14. And so this is my call to you. It is not too late. We are still alive. We are still breathing. We can still shift.
  15. But we need to make it a priority. Instead of looking out for the interest of an invisible body (the government, banks, corporations, etc.)…
  16. Start looking out for the person to your right and left, and encourage them to do the same. Then look out for those in front and behind you.
  17. And encourage them to do the same. Eventually, if done properly, we will no longer feel the need to live in the hierarchy system,
  18. but instead, create a system where those around you, are more important than those that enslave you.
  19. But don’t believe the lie that 1 person actually makes a difference, because they don’t. It’s what THEY want you to believe.
  20. THEY do this so we don’t rise up. So we don’t think for ourselves. So that we don’t combine into one entity and figure our own “shit” out.
  21. But we don’t have to settle for this crap anymore. Want freedom? Stand up. Do something. Don’t help those in control, help those beside you.
  22. Those are the ones that truly need your support. And on the inverse, allow people to help you; without balance, any system is faulty.
  23. As for those who believe it’s impossible for this type of change to occur, you’re absolutely right! It will never change.
  24. Not until you shift your beliefs to one of all possibilities. Within that, we will find our path and create our freedom.
  25. For one cannot be truly free, if they hold onto the limitations of any certain belief.
  26. The ball is in our court everyone… the question is, what do WE want to do with it?
  27. Lastly, if anything I’ve said has inspired you to want to make a change, please message me-
  28. For we all have the ability to create a better future – not just for us, but for EVERYONE.
  29. But it will never happen, if we don’t take action… and it can be as simple as a small, 140 character tweet. Thank you.
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