1. Every phone on this planet is unique (in one fashion or another); they are also our closest companions… which we’ll never admit to.
  2. Think about it, every phone has its unique markers. For starters, all phones have their own serial numbers, as well as cell numbers.
  3. Every brand has their own style of phones (sometimes too many), and each phone is manufactured separately, thus possible error in assembly.
  4. Then, upon purchase, we get into user choices and fumbles. Every cracked screen is different. Each have their own cases (sometimes the same)
  5. But that’s just the external. Then we get to the internal hardware… because they are also different on the inside.
  6. And while some will obviously be the same, they all offer the same body, but different storage space; 8, 16, 32, 64gb, etc.
  7. Of course, there are more specs to cover than just storage space… as they too, are not the only thing that makes our phones unique: software.
  8. Obviously, the apps on my phone are different than yours, and yours are different than anyone else’s.
  9. And then we get into our last category: connectivity, i.e. service provider. And while some of us share the same provider, some don’t.
  10. And each plan of connectivity is somewhat different, as is the billing and charges.
  11. Lastly, each have their own birthday; the day you bought them, turned them on and gave them life.
  12. What’s interesting, is that the same can be said about mankind (besides the closest companion part).
  13. We, each and every one of us, have our own unique markers of identification; from time of birth to name and birth certificate number,
  14. to our eyes, ears, height, weight, hair, etc., as well as different hearts, livers and kidneys, as well as different style of muscles.
  15. We also have different memory capacities, and some, unfortunately, are different due to user error during assembly (think FAS).
  16. And the software is different too, it is even possible that we are all running different OS’s, as well as different versions of OS’s.
  17. It is evident that we all know different things, however, we also have some things in common thanks to formal education.
  18. But then we also have different connection to the universe. Some through Jehovah, others through Allah, Krishna, Buddha, Source and science.
  19. And within those beliefs, we all have our own unique connection to the universe (and existence).
  20. And while we may be “conscious” beings, we lack something phones do impeccably well; connect to one another.
  21. The thing is, it is very possible that we are no different than them, in this regard, as we too, are some sort of (organic) machine.
  22. Of course, this too, is something we, as a civilization, refuse to acknowledge (as a possibility).
  23. Regardless if we are machines or not, who’s to say that we can’t connect to one another by just thinking about them,
  24. almost as if we each have our own IP addresses that can be tapped into. Of course, this is both exciting and scary (depending on firewall).
  25. Now, think about the impact this discovery would have on the world; the ability to have conversations with others just by thinking.
  26. And if that is possible, just imagine what else we could do. Which is basically the underlying message of these tweets…
  27. That anything is possible, and that we are simply limited by our beliefs… but not beliefs as individuals, but as a collective.
  28. That perhaps in order to perform some of these feats, it takes a majority of people to believe they are possible.
  29. And therefore, it is our closed mindedness, as a civilization, that is holding us back; from discovering the answers to 4 questions:
  30. Who we are, how we got here, why we are here and where we go when we die? These are the four question that have lasted throughout our time.
  31. You see, the moment we can answer all four questions, as a collective, we will then be able to ascend, as a collective. Which is the key.
  32. We were given consciousness for a reason; don’t you think its time we used it for a good cause? Something that can benefit all of humankind?
  33. Perhaps it’s time to start sharing all of our pieces, and finally see what this puzzle of existence actually looks like.
  34. Don’t you think it’s time we found out who we actually are? And I mean beyond the body, beyond God, science, etc.
  35. Don’t you think it’s time we ended this madness, once and for all? And we can do it, but we have to work together.
  36. If our phones can do it… why can’t we? Unless, we’re no better than the machine 🙂
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