1. Let’s talk hypothetical. Since there is no proof one way or other that Jesus existed, this can only be said in the hypothetical:
  2. Most people believe that Jesus was a kind, loving and compassionate man. They also believe that he was patient with people when discussing
  3. his message. But think about the times back when he was alive. Think about the activities that the beings could do. Did they have TV?
  4. the internet, video games (including online play)? Nobody had cars, or brainwashed through education. It was a different
  5. time back then, and it’s completely inconceivable to think that he would act the same now as he did back then. Think about the attention
  6. span of most people today. According to some studies, you have to fascinate someone within the first 9 seconds of connecting with them, if
  7. you don’t, they will move on. People would rather spend 30 minutes on Vine, than doing something beneficial for their lives. To think that
  8. Jesus’s game plan wouldn’t change in regards to the state of our world today, somewhat shows the backwards mentality that a lot of beings
  9. on this planet currently have. To think for a second, in today’s day and age, that Jesus wouldn’t have to use some sort of FORCE to get
  10. the attention of people and to help them see the world from numerous different perspectives is an understatement. Unfortunately, it’s hard
  11. for people to see it this way, all because they’ve been programmed to believe it has to be one way, and one way only. As hard as it is to
  12. hear, the majority of beings on this planet are still under hypnosis. They may think they are awake, but it is only partly true. They are
  13. sleep walking through life, clinging to their beliefs, and to old paradigms that may no longer be prevalent to today’s society.
  14. For the most part, people only see how “they are being forced,” but never see how they force people to climatize to their needs on a
  15. continual basis. Force is natural, it happens and we need to get over it. Think about it, are we not FORCED to live in a society that
  16. creates slaves to sex, money, power, etc.? The only other option is to live in the bush, away from people. But that isn’t healthy either.
  17. Think about this, when you plant a seed in the garden, are you not forcing the ground apart, then forcing the seed into the whole, only to
  18. force the dirt to cover it. And if you think for a second that the seed or the dirt, or anything else involved isn’t conscious, then you are
  19. still on the lower staircases of spiritual evolution. This isn’t meant to come across condescending, although it may be taken that way. It’s
  20. meant to help you understand that it’s time to stop being stuck in an old mindset when EVERYTHING else has moved on from it.
  21. So the question of “WWJD,” is extremely irrelevant in today’s society, because it’s so drastically different that we couldn’t even fathom
  22. what he would do. And just so we’re absolutely 100% clear, if Jesus did exist, he wasn’t a Christian, or Buddhist, or any other religion…
  23. he was a man that could see the world through a multitude of different perspectives, and thus, was able to relate to people on different
  24. levels, yet still used force, as he continuously planted seeds within the people he talked to. So please, don’t worry what Jesus would do,
  25. concern yourself with what you would do, and make the right choices, not only for you, but EVERYONE else on this planet, basically because
  26. we’re all on this rocket ship together. Remember, we may be on a planet right now, but we’re also floating on a giant sphere like object
  27. in the waters of the universe. That’s pretty extraordinary, don’t you think? And, for the most part, in order to keep this rocket moving
  28. forward, we all need to start working together, instead of destroying this planet as individuals. Because in the end, it’s up to all of us
  29. to create the best future for tomorrow. So instead of asking “WWJD,” ask “WWID” instead, and then go do it. Good luck 🙂
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